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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Where In the LORD I am today?

Wow, My last post was 2006, those times that that my memory with my cousin was still fresh. But now, I may be asking to myself, what had happened to me? Honestly, I became and still, not consistent on those I was trying to be, to be with the Words of GOD. BUT, the point that I trying to say is, being consistent on Reading the God's WORDS. Well, if I may ask myself, is it wrong not to be consistent on reading the Bible? after all, am still attending Sunday Mass with my Family, my wife and kids. Am not sure what could be the answer on my question, though as a Man, I tried to be always good, to my work, to my family, and to the community. Well, its sad to admit, that there are lots of things which I thought a right thing to do, but I skipped on doing it. God pardon me on that, I read from the bible that, doing what is right is a sin.

Lord, help me on what to do to be good.

I might leave again some time traces on this page.

Back to work,

God bless us all!