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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Where In the LORD I am today?

Wow, My last post was 2006, those times that that my memory with my cousin was still fresh. But now, I may be asking to myself, what had happened to me? Honestly, I became and still, not consistent on those I was trying to be, to be with the Words of GOD. BUT, the point that I trying to say is, being consistent on Reading the God's WORDS. Well, if I may ask myself, is it wrong not to be consistent on reading the Bible? after all, am still attending Sunday Mass with my Family, my wife and kids. Am not sure what could be the answer on my question, though as a Man, I tried to be always good, to my work, to my family, and to the community. Well, its sad to admit, that there are lots of things which I thought a right thing to do, but I skipped on doing it. God pardon me on that, I read from the bible that, doing what is right is a sin.

Lord, help me on what to do to be good.

I might leave again some time traces on this page.

Back to work,

God bless us all!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

So, where am I now...

It's been a while since I started to yearn about knowing more on the Scriptures of our Lord Jesus Christ, so where am I now? Is the urge to open the Bible still on me?

I hope and pray that it should still be on me, honestly, after reading several Chapters, like that of John, Luke, Mark, Corenthians, and now I am with Romans, the flame started to slowly died which I hope I can revive. But, I am really happy that I survived on reading those several Chapters, it's really interesting to know the words they have on that book called The Bible. Though there were some words that I find it hard to understand or decipher. But there are always basic lessons that could be applied to our daily struggle in our lives. The word hope, perseverance, faith and love. Those words are always been mentioned, and as you relate it, for me, when hardship comes, we always persevere to overcome.

Well, as I've said, I'm praying always that the flame on me about the yearning to know more about the scriptures will not be burnt out.

I am now reading the Romans chapter, which I find very difficult to understand, I dont know, maybe it was due to some factors which are, Im not that in focus, so much disturbances, and lack of perseverance. You see, those that I mentioned really happend... on a positive and negative side on me.

So help me God.

May God bless us all! and peace on earth.!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Trying to understand....

On the first day of year 2006, I started to read the Bible, I downloaded a daily Bible guide from the net and tried to follow that until easter part. The problem was that, there are part that I really don't understand, am just reading it for the sake that I will not skip the daily guide, but actually, when I go to Church on Sunday, I noticed that the Gospel reading was a week late compared to the guide that I have, so maybe, I got the wrong guide.. poor me. :(

Last April 9, my wife and I were talking about the past, that I always visited Iligan City and stayed there for a while on my Aunt's house, then I remember my cousins... they are Cathy, Ting, Tamin, and gian.. we actually talking about them and the wonderful springs, resort and pools there, what and where are they on these time... then we go asleep.

The next day, I received a text message from Tamin, oh God, I cant believe, what a coincidence. She said that she's gonna attend a Camping somewhere at Bansalan, though I'm not really familiar about the place, but the place was then named as Mt. Carmel. She's not mentioning about what type of Camping or gathering that was all about. She asked me if I can come on that place but, when I learned about the exact location of the place, It was too far from where I am currently located, approx. 5 hours so I told her that I cant, and she might after their events, just come here before going back to Iligan. So she came...

April 15, 2006, after so many years of not seeing each other, we finally meet. I thought that I will never see her again, since she already have plans of getting married to a guy there at Bahrain, some part of Middle East (Correct me if am wrong about the place). BTW, she's been working there for several years. Then, on that night, we talked, about some from the past, about what happen to her, the Career she had, the people arround her.. back there at Iligan, about anything that we can talk... then I don't know how we come up of talking about Jesus, so it happened.

I realized then that the Camp was all about Christian Camping, together with people from different places of Vis-Min, then she shared her experienced as a new Christian. I'm really amazed about the glow in her eyes, I saw from her the happiness of being with God, I just dont know how that happened, but as she explained, she told me that she'd accepted Christ to enter into her life. Well, maybe that was why she had that feeling, the different kind of Happiness. So, as the conversation goes by, we came to the point that we have to open a Bible, then she shared some of the scriptures she understand, and asked me and likewise, some questions that then I realized, after so many years of Being a Roman Catholic, I myself don't understand why I am doing this or that. But the experienced of several hours of conversation that we had was so great, for me, the words that she had shared on me open my mind that I need to know more what I am currently believing. Can you imagine, that on that time, when she asked me, what is the purpose of making a "Sign of the Cross" then it really made me think deeply, but still I really dont know the exact answer, but then Im doing this almost everyday, without understanding it..

So, now, I'm trying to change my direction about my belief. I really thank God that he brought Tamin on me for a while, though the time that we had was so short, I mean, being together, since anytime, I can reach her through Cellphone, but that was so great. Right now, Im reading my Bible, and trying to dig the internet about those things that I always do. Those are the rules or what ever I should call that, that came from the Roman Catholic Church where I am currently belongs. But for me, I think that to understand more on it, I should have to intimately read more on the Holy Bible.

Ok, I'd like to end it here, but will post more on what could happen on me as time goes by.

To Tamin, I love you so much, and I really appreciate the words that you've shared on me, and I always hope and will always pray that you will always have your blessings from our Lord.

May God Bless us all, you, your Family, my Family, and the other people we considered as Family wether or not they are a Christian and PEACE to all!


"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 [wala gyud ko kalimot ani since High School]